We are serving the victims of Hurricane Harvey. Here is how you can help. 

Below are several areas we are serving as we help the people of Houston and Rockport recover from this devastating storm. Our ultimate aim is to show the power of Christ by loving people well.

If you need aid from the storm or would simply like us to pray for you, please skip to the bottom of this page. 

Mission Houston:

Fairfield Baptist Church has actively involved in relief efforts since the rains stopped. We asked for supplies and volunteers to provide shelter for first responders and the church came through in a big way. We have also been going into the community assisting with recovery and restoration efforts. Three teams per day have been assisting our neighbors by ripping out sheetrock, wet carpet, and damaged household items. This effort will be ongoing as we discover needs and seek to meet them.  

Mission Rockport:

Our church family is deeply connected to the Rockport community. We sent supplies and a team down in the days following the hurricane and will be sending another team down immediately to help with debris removal and recovery efforts. We foresee this being an ongoing relationship with multiple trips planned in the near future as we assist this community in the rebuilding process.

Support these missions financially.  

Many of these missional opportunities will require our time, money and prayers. If you are willing, would you partner with our efforts financially by giving a one time gift towards our Missions outreach programs to Houston and Rockport?

When you make your donation please be sure to select "Hurricane Harvey Relief" as the designation of your gift.