HIGH SCHOOL  9th-12th
FSM 2:2 (II Timothy 2: 2)

Life Groups | Sundays 9:30–10:45AM  Student Building 

Connecting students to God and to one another in grade and gender groups for the Fall & Spring (Aug 26-May26).
Curriculum: Word of God | Isaiah 55:11; 2 Timothy 3:16; John 1:14 

HUNGRY 4 THE GOSPEL WKND | October 6- 7 | $30

Focusing on the word and how YOU can be a student of the Gospel and confidently grow in key relationships in life.


Disciple Life | Sunday Nights 6:00–7:30PM @ Julian's House 

A 6-week commitment structured for accountability and application. Growing students in the Word of God for wisdom and understanding to discern what God's perfect will for their life can become. 

Wednesday Night Live | Wednesdays 6:45–8:30PM  Student Building

Outreach event where students invite their friends, meet for Bible study, prayer, and worship.

Big Wednesday

Big Wednesday happens on the first Wednesday of every month. High School and Middle School students come together for a fun evening of games, worship, Bible study and prayer time.